Assassins in the Open

The Nudge
Every adventure has a beginning

Karrnath. You sit in a dark tavern around a table covered in spilled meade and food. The stench of a lifetime of drinking saturates the air. The bar tender keeps a watchful eye on your table, clearly disturbed by the likes of your party.

A tall human male returns to the table with 4 steins. At six feet, four inches, and built like a ox, he is an intimidating presence. The long sword at his side, which when it catches the light reveals the raging fire possessed within, doesn’t hurt either.

Khad Trildaki: I see you have all arrived in one way or another; we don’t have much time so let me get to it. You have been summoned here because I have a task for you. You all have shown promise in one form or another and have caught the eye of my employer, who shall remain nameless for the time being, but rest assured you will know his name in due time.

You know, I am sure, about the current chaos that is gripping the continent. Breland has gone mad with rage that someone would slay one of the king’s daughters, on a peacekeeping mission no less. This is only the beginning. With tensions already set to boil over, it will only take a slight nudge to launch Khorvaire back into darkness. You are the slight nudge.

Your task is to go the western city of Passage. You will find a duke by the name of [[:Duke Carnlitate]]. Get inside his estate and make sure he is well ‘tucked in.’ Tickets for the rail are waiting for you under the name “Curlasa.” I don’t need to tell the three of you that keeping a low profile is vital. Humans are starting to get used to some racial mingling but eyebrows will surely raise when they see the three of you. Move during the night, stay in the shadows, do whatever you have to do but don’t get caught. No one will be coming to your rescue.

Once you are done, head to Atur and speak with Laniska. She will have your payment as well as a special token of our appreciation. Any questions? Make them quick we don’t have much time, you need to purchase whatever equipment you will need before your train leaves in a matter of hours.

I will imbue your weapons with a magic that should be sufficient to handle any threat you might encounter. The Duke’s estate should only have a light guard posted, he is arrogant and complaisant, believing war will never visit his door, just like all the other nobles, but they will soon realize their mistake.

The party set off on a train screaming toward Passage city. While on the train, a group of bandits and thieves interrupted their otherwise peaceful trip and attempted to rob the group. Limik shut the door on them, remembering the necessity of keeping a low profile, but the bandits wouldn’t have it. They broke down the door and engaged the party in conflict. It would be their worst and last decision. The party dispatched the bandits with ease. The last remaining bandit attempted to leave through the window but was caught just as we was about to escape, suffering the ultimate punishment of defeat.

The party then proceeded to start checking every state room on the coach, terrifying an elven couple and waking another man before security instructed them to take their seats.

Arriving in Passage, the adventures set out tracking down information as to the whereabouts of Duke Carnlitate. Speaking with a villager they were able to discover the estate lied on the northern edge of the city, surrounded by a ring of forest.

Reaching the edge of the forest, they saw a path cutting through the trees, lit by magical means and the estate at the end of the path, emitting vast amounts of light. Limik was able to hear the sound of branches cracking under pressure coming from somewhere in the woods, so the group decided to head up the path, using cunning and their ability to bluff to make their way into the estate.

Almost as soon as they stepped onto the path, they were greeted by a lone guard who sat upon his war horse. Warning them to turn back immediately, the group pressed on, spinning lie after lie to try and avoid conflict with the mounted guard. The guard sensing a threat, charged at the group and engaged them in combat. The guard was no match for the three battle hardened intruders and they were able to work together to take both the guard and the horse, with reservation on Su’s part, down and proceed into the estate.

Once inside, the group searched through the premises. They could hear noise coming from two great doors at the end of the grand hallway and decided to check out the other rooms first to make sure the rest of the estate was clear. The first room they came to was some sort of smoking room, but nothing of importance could be found there. They moved on to the room on the other side of the building. They found a very ornate oak door with a crest carved into it. Proceeding inside, they found the duke’s bedroom. Orko searched the room for anything of valued and found two candelabras that seemed of some value and put them in his cloak.

The group decided to wait for the master of the house to retire to his opulent bedroom where they would ambush them. Unfortunately, they didn’t count on the maid checking in on the state of the room. Su attempted to grab her, but the maid let out a shriek that reverberated throughout the stone-walled building. Knowing the implications that could come with their target being alerted Su struct the maid, knocking her unconscious. Unfortunately, it was a little too late. The damage had been done and soon they heard men moving down the hallway.

One of the men called out the party, insisting they surrender. The party, feeling they currently had the upper hand with a hostage and superior cover behind the door, decided to wait and see what would happen. The man then threatened to burn the room and the whole building, if it came to that, down to the ground to bring justice upon them. The main door was sealed to prevent any escape as well. The party weighed their options and decided they would fight rather than chance sitting there and being burned alive.

Moving out into the door way, Orko was met head on by a berserker. The berserker quickly realized his mistake though when attacks from inside the room started flying his way. The fight spilled out into the hallway outside the bedroom, where two lackeys and shorty after a witch entered the fight. While the berserker and the lackeys were dealt with easily enough, the witch provided an interesting foe. Teleporting and become like an apparition, she made things interesting. That was until Orko landed a devastating blow against her that quickly turned the tides of battle. The group overcame the witch and went searching for the duke.

They didn’t have to look far. Cowering under the grand dining room table, the duke huddled in the fetal position shaking with fear. Su dragged the duke off to his bedroom, exposing him to the brutal and disturbing scene of the recent battle. Literally tucking him into his bed and obviously confusing him, the party then started debating how they were going to end his life; quite possibly one of the most disturbing conversations any man can overhear. It was soon decided that he would simply be suffocated. To complete their act of terror, Orko created a ‘Cloud of Darkness’ around the Duke instilling fear before is final breath and carved the symbol of the Silver Flame into the arm of the duke, while Su painted it on one of the bedroom walls. Satisfied with their work, they left the property and made their way back to town to catch their train out of the city.

As they made their way through town, they were pleased to know the news of their actions had already reached the bustling fishing town. A group of townspeople were talking in rather excited towns with one exclaiming “The true son is dead! We have no heir!”


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