Khorvaire has enjoyed a time of peace. Economies are thriving; the bitterness of the Last War has been only but a fleeting memory. Until now. The heir to the kingdom of Aundair was assassinated. The prince was slain during broad daylight… in a crowded market. King Tedionous immediately blamed the kingdom of Thrane, igniting barely healed wounds between the two territories.

Two weeks later, another royal was struck down, this time from the kingdom of Breland. While visiting Valenar in order to reach out to the elven community, and under special protection from the King of Valenar, one of the king’s daughters was brutally slain along with the entire party. The weapons used appeared to be of elven origin.

Tensions are growing stronger each day, with war threatening to erupt at any moment.

Assassins in the Open

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